22 de mayo de 2010

The earth, everyday inhospitable

While the years pass, we can see increasing of natural events that are harmful to our way of life, increasing the risk of being victims of a devastating natural event. Probably, we are altering the earth's natural balance with our current way of life and although we aren't guilty of impact event, maybe we are the cause of a great drought.

What is a natural disaster?

Is an event fortuitous of natural origin that is out of the control by the affected, not caused for human manipulation that is capable of causing major material damage, human victims, missing and dead.

The most popular are earthquakes, Hurricanes, intense rains, floods, landslides. But they are also the less common and equally destructive like erupting volcanoes, hail, droughts, blizzards, sandstorms, tsunamis, meteorite impacts and others.

When we say that is not produced by human manipulation, does not imply that human hasn't guilt in these events, sometimes very unusual, it is rather referring to cannot be produced directly by some sort of modern technology.

Seismic Disasters

Produced by collision of two tectonic plates, that shakes the ground for several minutes. Earthquakes are completely normal, in the future will always exist and for now there is no way to anticipate. Only in some cases in the world has made some kind of invention that serves to anticipate the arrival of earthquakes. But it is not applicable in all countries of the world.

The danger is in the vibrations caused by the internal collision of tectonic plates since are capable of destroying buildings, cars, streets, crack grounds and all this in less than one minute.

Is possible to say that everyday somewhere in the world is detected an earthquake, this has always been thus, because the internal activity of the earth does not stop, even so, we can see how increasing the frequency of events of great magnitude that impacts very populated cities urban center or other similar places where their impact is harmful to humans. It is maybe by Overpopulation?, Poor construction? Poverty is the culprit?, seems that the human is somehow influencing the amount of major earthquakes that are going on for about 10 years.

However, haven't evidence, cannot be said that pollution or overpopulation is guilty of the earthquakes, although it is possible that the kind of life can change the consequences of an event of this nature.

Although some believe and assert that such projects as HAARP of United States are guilty of some major earthquakes such as occurred in Haiti, although if we talk of theories about possibility of generate an earthquake, is possible say that exist many version. For example, i can read one that say that particle accelerator in Switzerland is capable of generate a seism.


Mainly connected with earthquakes and can only be experienced in countries with borders in some Tues. If the earthquakes are caused by human beings, surely the tsunami as well, but there is nothing that proves it.

The danger of these is in the shock wave that can wipe out an entire city and its inhabitants in an instant, just as ocurred in band-Aceh Indonesia.

But the terrible consequences of a tsunami depend of whether the people live by Seaside or not, some countries have no alternative to live in a distinct point but there are others where are possible avoid live the impact of a Tsunami.

Volcanic Disaster

The volcanic activity is totally natural, occurring since the beginning of the earth. The eruption of a volcano is something that usually brings dire consequences for humans, since the discharge of fragments in the air or water, lava and gases through the crater of a volcano or walls of the building volcanic usually fatal.

The hot magma is often the cause of the disaster, in cities that chose to live in the apparent edge of a dormant volcano. Although sea-volcanoes also have ravaged a entire population by expelling toxic gases.

But this situation is as preventable as that of the tsunami, depends on whether or not to live near a volcano.
It is true that the eruption of a volcano, many miles around will be affected by the smoke and ash of the same.


Hailstorms are a natural event with no apparent consequences, but are capable of becoming a disaster if it generates a visible blight on its appearance.

Depending on the country, this event is less frequent than in other, for example in Venezuela, is less common to hear from hailstorms and even less of a disaster by hailstorms as the United States or Europe perhaps because the regional climate allows it.

However, this is no less destructive than any other, because it is capable of wiping out an entire planting food or a whole enormous amount of houses and cars or even cause death.

Impact event

Possibly this is one of the most dangerous natural disasters, feared, harmful and unpredictable by us although I’m 100% sure that humans have no conscious or unconscious influence on the existence and appearance of this

The danger lies in the ability of mass destruction. These are capable of producing an impact like a bomb and generate earthquakes, blizzards, tsunamis, etc.

Although so far it seems that the human being has nothing to do with all of the above, if there are natural disasters that are caused by human carelessness.

Forest Fires

Forest fires are usually caused by a natural disaster not human beings; however 95% of these currently are the product of human beings.

Harmful consequences are obvious tend to add to the environment, usually near where large concentrations of people living large and harmful quantities of toxic fumes.

Also, often destroy entire ecosystems and the life that had. Although there are natural sources that originate the fire such as lightning, it is known that almost always caused by human influence. The total suppression of fires can produce undesirable changes in vegetation and may allow the accumulation of unburned combustible materials, increasing the likelihood of occurrence of catastrophic fires.

Global Warming

Global warming is perhaps the largest natural disaster of the world and is being caused by humans. So is expressed the UN, which considers that the influence of human in land disturbances are in 90% of cases, in particular emissions of carbon dioxide (CO2) whose concentration in the atmosphere reached 379 parts per million in 2005 when in the preindustrial era this maximum reached 250 ppm.

The Earth's temperature will increase between 1.8 and 7 degrees Celsius by the end of this century provided they do not do anything about it and get on with the carefree life we have. Numbers seem insignificant but can disrupt the entire operation of the land, bringing as a result unexpected more natural disasters and strange as droughts, floods, hailstorms and even perhaps much more earthquakes.

We know that warming will reduce the amount of snow in the winters, and the polar ice caps melt, to so, possibly at the end of the century the ice is completely melted at the North Pole. The first negative consequence of this is the probable sea-level rise; warming will be greater on continents than oceans and in the northern latitudes.

According to experts in the environmental issue, if continue in this way, we will see more and more repetition of extreme events such as heat waves and hurricanes become more frequent and more intense.
Everyday we are approaching a planet inhospitable and unbearable, not to say that this is something apocalyptic.

It is useless to say that: “something must be done” because everyone does something, but is not secure, that this can help. Who can say that it is more convenient? Only with time will know the positive or negative influence of a measure taken by the Earth.

Will come the day where we should go to other planets more stable and more adaptable to our way of life.


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