18 de mayo de 2017


After 45 days of great protests in the country, after 45 days of repression and death, after 45 days of struggle between the people and the government, the government continues to mock the people but, we continue in protests.

Already, when the situation of 2014 seemed to be overcome, in which Leopoldo López was supposed to be responsible for calling those events that led to 43 deaths, we see a resurgence of similar events and greater strength in the Venezuelan population.

What happen?

Once Nicolás Maduro took an irregular position as president when President Dictator Hugo Chavez was supposedly still alive, in 2013, discontent begins.

Then, when elections are called and suspiciously Maduro wins , discontent increases. Added to this, in 2014 the people massively go out to protest in the street to which the Opposition Leader Leopoldo López was blamed for his simultaneous campaign called "La Salida (the exit)", which he executed once the spontaneous protests began.

To add more discontent in the population, exist a brutal shortage that has been occurring since 2012, but that in 2015 takes its historical peak. Guilt is in the wrong policies applied in economy by the government, with an Exchange-rate regime useless and unnecessary after 15 years and other controls that unleash to large-scale mafias that play with the basic items to make money. What the government called economic war. But that in fact it is only on the political errors in economic matter of the government that never accepted its ineptitude in this sector.

Continuing with the discontent we have that, after the brutal shortage with its peak of 2015, the population was able to show the last visible lights of the democracy in Venezuela when celebrating legislative elections where the people with its expression demonstrated, that still continues discontent.

They were the last elections that lived the country, although the constitution established elections for the 2016 and although the opposition I looked for to make a referendum.

The government that is an donkey, to see that it lost the legislative power, decided to end up with any democratic space in the country that evidences that they are minority. In turn, I seek absurd ways to end the new legislative power constituted.

In all this democratic closure, it was also decided not to make any more elections in the country as has already been said in previous lines, and to top it all, the TSJ tried to assume the legislative power


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